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A new breed agency, offering a suite of end to end marketing services

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Solutions and strategies that increases brand visibility and equity

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We are passionate about making your digital presence beautiful and engaging

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63 Percent of visitors to an exhibition are there to do a potential business deal

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Turn your customers into advocates and relationships into profit

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Creativity and Customer Service excellence have always been and will always be our integral
priority and competitive strength

we are the design trends of future

Eminent Marketing Solutions, as a Full-Service Marketing Agency, has the requisite resources, the technical expertise and the experience to come up with innovative ideas for compelling Creative Solutions. Our services are rendered after an in-depth market analysis and situation appraisal so that opportunities and threats can be identified proactively.

Our professional approach results only in positive outcomes and separates us from the rest in the trade. From now onwards, brand promotion and marketing are no hurdles in the flourish of your business. Do not hesitate to contact us, our services and strategies are just a click away!

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Client Testimonials
  • What I immediately appreciated about Eminent was their genuine interest in our business, our challenges and how they might support us as we navigate change. Next up is their experience; highlighted by their ability to understand complexity, especially in our industry. Balancing strategy and creativity is not easy; however Eminent continues to impress us on this fundamentally important process. Lastly, Eminent Marketing Solutions are well planned and well prepared; all told this gives me confidence that they're the right strategic partner for all our marketing requirements.

    Steve Dulvin
    Head of Marketing

  • Eminent Marketing Solutions, worked with me to create a great new brand identity for us and then implemented it across our store, marketing materials and website. From the initial ideas they came up with, the consultative process worked really well, and we ended up with an identity that resonates nicely with customers. On top of the brand identity work, they devised and ran our launch activity for our first store in Qatar. Social media campaigns generated positive engagements, which were instrumental in driving footfall to our store, as well as traffic to our online site. We're very happy with what we achieved with Eminent, and would recommend them to any business

    Asma Al Muhairy
    VP Marketing
    Trend International Group

our services - let's creative
  • Branding

    Experts believe that products may get outdated or perished in fierce competition but nourished brands are eternal. A familiar brand generates more confidence in the customer eventually boosting...

  • Creative Design

    Advertising can only be effective if it's appealing to its target audience. Now, what imparts appeal to ads? The most appropriate one word answer to the question is "creativity". Indeed, it's the...

  • Print Advertisment

    Printed words have always been very powerful in leaving a long lasting impact on the readers. Thus, Print Advertising, the oldest form of advertising, still remains to be the favorite in the...

  • Media Buying

    An advertisement may be very creative, its message, graphics, visuals, presentation, etc. may be very effective and convincing and so forth but all this is of no use if there are loopholes...

  • Direct Marketing

    What, other than personalized Direct Marketing, can be more fruitful for a business? Definitely, it's difficult to find a suitable and more impactful alternative. We prepare direct marketing...

  • Website Design

    How many times have we read or heard of this era being dominated by Internet! The virtual world has even transformed the way business is done. Now, organizations seek global recognition...

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in the simplest of terms, can be referred to as combination of strategies and techniques employed to improve the search engine ranking of a website...

  • SEM

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the many opportunities that virtual world has opened up for the businesses and mind it, the benefits of it are real not "virtual". SEM is a form of...

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile marketing allows the brands, agencies and marketers to instantly connect to the potential consumers and deliver their message. Mobile Applications are a crucial tool in the segment...

  • Events and Exhibition

    Exhibitions, trade shows and event marketing offer endless opportunities to expand business network and generate more leads. The more an organization participates in such events and resorts...

  • Loyalty Solution

    An increasingly competitive and price driven marketplace requires strategic marketing to evolve, developing and retaining continually meaningful relationships with customers...

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